Customer-made Solutions

Craftsman revisions custom built Newel Post, hidden features, hidden compartments

Dare we say…custom-made?

  If something is built to individual specifications, does it really have to be labeled as custom-made? While the answer may be yes, whatever comes next is generally perceived as being: too expensive, unrealistic, or overly complicated. We think that the reference needs a revision!    

Craftsman revisions provides unique – yes, custom-made – alternatives to the “make-do, me-too” big-box / catalog / on-line same-old, same-old: 

  • Innovative ideas using creative resources that offer functional solutions...from built-in’s and add-on’s to complete transformations.
  • Projects and Services supported by qualified skill-sets with the practical experience to assure the highest quality workmanship. 
  • Affordable pricing is made possible through responsible sourcing and practices, with the highest degree of efficiency throughout every process.        

Customer-made Solutions: Craftsman revisions - your full-service project resource.

Share your can we help?

Share your vision, connect with us…the process is simple and direct.

  • Let’s start with a conversation about what you’re looking to do and how Craftsman revisions can help.
  • You’ll interact directly with the builder to create the perfect application and we’ll offer all the possibilities to make the project uniquely yours.  

Of course there is never a fee to talk or quote a project and certainly no obligation to work with us. Our goal is simply to deliver exceptional value in creative custom, producing quality builds at affordable prices with guaranteed satisfaction.