Craftsman revisions: What’s in a name?

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If it's worth doing...right?

  Projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are simple – a quick-fix or repair – while others are more complex – like an improvement or renovation.  But no matter what the project is, anything worth doing, as the saying goes, is worth doing right!  Craftsman revisions was built from projects, for projects…and offers a refreshing, new approach to how they’re handled.   

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 As a third-generation craftsman, Rick Emerson had both the good fortune of an inherited set of skills, and the absolute best teachers. In the early years, with a career outside of the trade and a growing family, most projects and creative wood-works were limited to just the essentials. Still, those part-time works were of primary importance and proved to be the foundation for Craftsman “re”visions. 

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Launch the brand

     Every project was another opportunity to innovate, a chance to offer solutions, or be resourceful. No matter the size or complexity, each project received the same consideration for how it would perform in appearance, fit, and function. Emerson’s approach was instinctive and his motivation was as much a commitment to the “craft”, as it was his desire to always deliver more than expected!  

Finally, it was time to open shop! Offering a genuine product, with an effective business model, and the support of a growing number of opportunities to move forward. But it would be the passion of a craftsman to build and create, that would ultimately launch the brand.     

Different is good...

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Our Formula:

 Combine the quality attributes of a craftsman: skilled workmanship, precision, and attention to detail; with creative elements in design, form, and function; with a unique application of resources in utility, material, and supplies.    

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...because every project matters!

  Today, Craftsman revisions is a full-service project resource based in Bear, Delaware. Delivering exceptional value in residential and commercial solutions throughout The First State and into the surrounding counties in Maryland & Pennsylvania.