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Fine Woodwork & General Carpentry

Creative custom woodwork, Craftsman revisions, custom molding, fine woodwork

  Craftsman revisions specialty - at your service! Wood can transform the look and feel of a home or business. Wood is warm and inviting, with the ability to turn ordinary space into a rich, elegant presentation. Different hardwoods feature unique grains and surface characteristics, brought to life by a skilled craftsman. Fine woodwork can support function, create the focal point in an area, provide an accent, or supply a subtle feature: 

  • Newel Posts, Rails & Balusters
  • Custom Stairs & Treads
  • Wainscoting & Panels
  • Mantels & Mounting
  • Tables & Tops
  • Box Units & Storage
  • Cabinets & Shelves
  • Bookcases & Stands
  • Built-ins & Wall Units
  • Room Dividers & Reception
  • Custom Bars & Racks
  • Benches & Sliders
  • Molding & Trim

Complementing our custom builds, Craftsman revisions also provides general carpentry services, performed with the very same attention to detail and consistent quality – we don’t know any better.  

  • Paint-grade applications
  • Foundation & base work
  • Build-outs & framing
  • Finish work & repairs

 Let’s build together! Anything is possible – everything’s in play with creative customs by Craftsman revisions.   

Storage Solutions – creative revisions

custom built storage solutions, small space craft space, custom countertop

  Unused space is a revision waiting to happen! From the attic to the basement and into the crawl space…simple floor-overs can multiply space and provide convenient access to seasonal storage. Likewise, custom cubbies, sliders, and oversized pull-out drawers can add efficiency and increased accessibility.  

Functional storage is one of our specialties – we love to provide creative solutions that turn wasted space into meaningful storage. Better yet, Cr can help double or triple the capacity of inefficient storage space with a few custom modifications. The right size, shape, or feature can go a long way in providing more room, ease of access, or the right place for everything! 

Craftsman revisions looks at storage space as a staging place for something you’ll use later; therefore, it has to be ready to go when needed. Whether in the upper or lower regions of the house, the back-office junk room, or even within the living areas you access every day, functional storage is stress reliever – and just a call away. 

  • Pantry Make-overs
  • Laundry / Mud Room Features
  • Closet Conveniences
  • Hidden Storage Components
  • False Front Features
  • Blended Living Area Units
  • Built-in Units
  • Usable Basement Crawl Spaces 
  • Attic Organization Installs 
  • Cubbies, Pull-outs, & Sliders 

Seniors: services for the greatest generation!

Craftsman revisions, custom built ramp, deck ramp, creative design, deck design

  Home Comforts, Ease of Use, Independent Living – all things well deserved and certainly necessary to keep our Seniors in-place and active into the golden years. Unfortunately, the average floor plan didn’t provide for any special needs; likewise, the “standards” in size, height, shape, and access that were once just fine, no longer cut-it. Cr can provide the open space to make it easier to get around the house, doors that are easier to open, accessibility features to put things in reach, and modifications to help both inside and outside of the house.  

Craftsman revisions provides courteous and respectful consultation, with honest and dependable services for the greatest generation. Creative modifications and improvements, accessibility renovation and installations that lend a helping hand include:

  • Door Widening
  • Ramps & Bridges
  • Furniture Stabilizers & Hardware
  • Safety Grabs, Bars & Railings
  • Easy-Access Faucets & Controls
  • Safety & Security Features
  • Lighting & Switches
  • Convenient Access Modifications
  • Door Features
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Conveniences
  • Flooring & Thresholds
  • Height Adjustments
  • Custom Built Accessories  

Difference makers!

Craftsman revisions creative builds, hidden compartment chest, cedar chest, secret drawer, custom

    Custom built pieces are uniquely personal, designed and built for a specific purpose or to fit an exact space. They are one-of-a-kind, individually built by a skilled Craftsman to the highest quality standards, showcasing perfect fitment, finish, and function. That’s the Craftsman in us and what we love to do! What sets us apart, is our unique approach that makes custom…work!  

Creative ideas offer the potential that exists within your space...

Creative options provide the alternatives that work within your budget! 

  • Old things made new
  • Repurposed furniture & fixtures
  • Efficient use of space
  • Convertible crafting units
  • Creative work-space
  • Built-in units
  • Cool features
  • Hidden access
  • Concealed compartments
  • Automation, Creature comforts
  • Accent lighting
  • Multipurpose rooms / space
  • Consolidation / functional space
  • “Semi-custom” cost savers  

Room Conversions: the solution for “what was old...”

Craftsman revisions studio, Haley's Studio, custom crafting room, custom design, sewing center

Styles come and go, and occasionally come back…it’s true that what was old is new again! Although, not many folks have the luxury of waiting for a color, feature, fashion, or style to go full-circle. In a home or business, there’s even more to consider…the time, inconvenience, and mess, not to mention the design and planning. It can be somewhat overwhelming - we’ve been there – we know…and, we can help! 

  • The Baby’s Room revisioned into a Kid’s Klub...or on to a Teen Scene
  • Time to turn the Grad Pad into a Guest Room?
  • How about the Spare Bedroom  transformed into a Crafting Room
  • A Closet can become a Resource Room 
  • Special Purpose Rooms: Basement conversions, ManCave, Home Theater, Family Room 

Craftsman revisions is the solution for room makeovers! From a simple re-purposing to a creative transformation; a much needed update to a complex renovation...every Project matters!  

Kitchen revisions

custom built kitchen, Craftsman revisions creative design, kitchen conversion

  Kitchens are the single most important room in any home! They are a place to eat and usually the place to meet – and the room that sets the tone for the rest of the house. Any kitchen upgrade is usually a good one for appearance and function...certainly to add measurable value to your home. Craftsman revisions can offer options and creative ides with resources that deliver incredible results within any budget. 

We'd love to completely transform your current space into the dream kitchen you've always wanted; however, we're just as happy to provide a creative refresher: 

  • Replace the flooring, remove the squeaks
  • Upgrade the counter top
  • Tile the back-splash / walls
  • Modify the layout to open space
  • Add / upgrade storage / pantry
  • New cabinets / re-face
  • Renew existing cabinets 

  Don’t forget that we can also help with your kitchenette, you know, the service bar that may or may not be downstairs – or the one you’ve always wanted for entertaining on that beautiful deck. The possibilities are endless and equally exciting!   

...even more Project Resources

Bathrooms: renovate OR refresh

custom bathroom, Craftsman revisions creative design, unique bathroom, renovation

  A Bathroom update can certainly impact your quality of life and even improve the value of your home! There are a host of options available for transforming your master, family, hall, or half-bathrooms…from a fresh coat of paint, to a new fixture, sink and vanity, or a complete demo / remodel. Subtle changes can bring a dated bathroom into modern times without crashing your budget. A new faucet or fixture upgrade can provide a fresh look, easier to use, and be more efficient. Likewise, adding a new toilet, some accent tile, and trim may be just what’s needed.   

Craftsman revisions can also provide the creative resources for bathroom conversions – considerations to modify the facilities to accommodate an increase or decrease in usage, lifestyle changes, and living arrangements: 

  • Accessibility features
  • Bathtub convert to Stall Shower 
  • Shower door installation
  • Double sink added
  • Expanded / custom countertop
  • Bathroom build-out 
  • Toilet partitions 
  • Protective tile & waterproofing 

Whether needed or wanted, a bathroom update is always a wise investment…and picking out the fixtures, colors, and features is fun, too! Craftsman revisions has the experience with consistent quality at every level of service: renovate, repair, or renew, every project matters!  

Basement revisions

basement entertainment center, Craftsman revisions creative design basement, basement refinishing

  Basements are commonly one of the most underutilized spaces in the house. While a typical floor plan doesn’t even recognize the square footage below deck, the added space has the potential to be so much more than damp storage for holiday decorations. Properly transformed, the basement is ideal for: 

  • Home theater
  • Family game / play room 
  • Exercise floor / Fitness Center
  • Craft / Hobby room 
  • Home office 
  • Entertainment / Bar / ManCave
  • Guest / Living space

Basements can take shape as a fully finished build-out, partially partitioned utility space, individual rooms, functional storage…the possibilities are exciting and absolutely affordable. Even subtle changes can add warmth and personality down below:

  • Upgraded lighting & electrical · Insulated walls / partitions
  • Utility cabinets & counter tops
  • Floor covering options
  • Suspended ceilings

Craftsman revisions offers practical ideas to better utilize any available space. Whether adding a few efficiencies or finishing the entire basement, every project is performed with the same commitment with a consistent level of quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

 There’s space down there – let’s do something with it!    

Handyman Repair Services: the fix is on!

Handyman services, Interior & Exterior Repairs Seasonal Change-over Maintenance, Installs & Assembly

  Q: What happens when repairs aren’t made or maintenance doesn’t happen? A: the issues go away! It’s true, whatever it was that needed to be fixed or serviced, no longer needs the work…because now it needs to be replaced, and that sounds a lot more expensive!  Everyone knows the importance of keeping up with repairs and routine maintenance – but who has the time! In many cases, it’s just a matter of getting ahead of the growing list of “to-do’s”…Homeowners and Businesses alike can rely on Craftsman revisions to help those do’s, get done! Craftsman revisions provides Handyman services, individual repairs, and maintenance projects with the same attention to detail and consistent quality applied to custom built-ins and Fine Woodwork – we don’t know any different. 

  • Interior & Exterior Repairs
  • Seasonal Change-over
  • Maintenance, Installs & Assembly
  • Drywall Fixes
  • Plumbing helps
  • Bathroom & Kitchen
  • Office & Showroom 
  • Electrical and fixtures
  • Garage work 
  • Fences & outdoor structures
  • Decks, Patio & Driveway
  • Doors & Window works
  • Carpentry & moldings 
  • Flooring fixes 
  • Siding, roof, & gutter  

Contact Craftsman revisions to handle a single project or to tackle an entire list – we’re flexible in scheduling and eager to provide the services needed. Our work is always performed to the highest standards delivering meaningful value in Craftsman quality, complete customer satisfaction, and always at a reasonable rates.    

The yours!

Craftsman revisions floor repairs, wood floor refinishing, installation

  Floors take a beating and need some help from time to time. Repairing worn or damaged areas can be a quick fix and may provide a cost effective way to restore your floor.  

In other instances, an entirely new look or affect may be in order and best served with a revision to composite flooring, wood, or tile. Either way, it’s always best to consider what’s under the existing floor, why it needs repairing or replacing, and even how the upgrade will perform. Even if the floor is just plain worn-out or dated, it’s always a good idea to look beyond the surface to get the most out of your investment to avoid a costly “cover-up”.    

Craftsman revisions offers quality workmanship with creative options to renovate, repair, or renew your area under-foot. Likewise, our experience considers every factor that could impact the floor’s performance.     

Lighting upgrade: Inside and Out

lighting upgrade, Craftsman revisions custom projects, install, handyman work

  Installing new lighting is an effective and efficient way to make a dramatic statement in your home. Updating older fixtures can make a bold statement and reduce your energy consumption. The choices are impressive and the impact can be significant:   

  • Interior: recessed, ceiling, wall, accent lighting – cabinet, utility, closet, and more
  • Exterior: soffit, entrance, security lighting, photocell, timers – deck, flood, low-voltage, and more 

Whether supplied or provided, new lighting fixtures can go in quickly and installation is always priced affordably.    

Remodeling, aka: revisions

Custom built bookcase, custom shelving, shelves, Craftsman revisions built-in shelf units

  To update form and function, some areas need a lot of work, but some, just a little. Wider window sills to custom built-ins, simple re-facing to complete tear-downs…Craftsman revisions is committed to absolute customer satisfaction – reasonable prices don’t hurt either! 

  • Living Rooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Showrooms & Conference Rooms
  • Executive Offices & Board Rooms
  • Home Office (SoHo)
  • Kitchens, Laundry & Bathrooms
  • Garage makeovers